Heart of the Visionary Anarchist is the first book in the Human Tragedy Series, which is a series of ten standalone tragedies each focusing on a unique Human Tragedy by Canadian author, musician, and filmmaker, Kai Kazi. 

In Heart of the Visionary Anarchist, Mahdi Parveen was born with a passion for poetry but a life of working as a south Asian laborer building condos in Dubai was not what Mahdi envisioned at the end of his university degree. A life surrounded by poverty and separation from his family was also not what he expected. But reality quickly pulls Mahdi away from his dreams of becoming a renowned poet as employment and earning income becomes a growing concern.

Mahdi soon finds himself among an impoverished population of laborers who work endlessly each and every day for the wealthy emirate regime as their oppression grows. Violence, hunger, and sleeplessness all become too familiar. Although his goal to help support his working mother and sister remains an important one, Mahdi cannot shake the urge to express his political dissent through his poetry.

As his poetry quickly circulates and becomes popular among the working laborers, Mahdi seeks a new goal: to change the way of life for not only himself and his family, but for his fellow workers. The increase in popularity of Mahdi’s poetry prompts him to compete in The Visionary Poet competition, where he believes he will be given a chance to finally change the way life is lived for those who are forced to work in poor conditions.

But one question remains: can poetry really change the world?

This book features a collection of poems by Canadian poet Ashley Newton.