"Her online publication, Free Lit Magazine, has come a long way since its inception, with continuous improvements in every respect. I have seen firsthand how well Ms. Newton is able to work with writers and their texts, proving herself to be a worthy editor. The content itself is always carefully curated, and she is never late producing the magazine on the dates she sets for herself. Even the covers of the issues are always vibrant and well laid-out, with a palpable amount of thought being put into them."

— Joshua Howe (Writer, Author)

"The design of [Free Lit Magazine] is sleek and modern, combining a minimalist aesthetic with eye catching typefaces, which are interesting and unique while still being easily readable. The artworks featured in the cover art are widely varied, ranging from photos to paintings to drawings, and are always as unique as the writing featured inside. The artwork sets each issue apart, while still maintaining the design aesthetic of the full magazine."

— Alyssa Cooper (Writer, Author, Poet)

"Ashley has demonstrated both her impeccable work ethic and her dedication to the worldwide writing community with Free Lit Magazine..."

– Kyle Climans (Writer)

"I have always been very impressed with her not only as a writer and editor, but also for her production and creative spirit. She is extremely devoted to and generous in all that she pursues."

– Bruce Kauffman (Writer, Poet)

*Header photograph by Ashlee Stanley of Red Lemon Art & Photography